Today computer work is not limited to a single machine any more. People have the urgent need to share their data over various computers, ie. desktop computers, laptops and such. For that a so called cloud-solution is very helpful.

Many people use tools or sites like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud etcetera. These solutions however are not good for your organisations privacy and you lose control over your own data.

Our cloud solution is a slim yet powerful private cloud software. It runs on your computer, in your home network or on your web space with minimal requirements. First and foremost it allows you to store files on it and access it from everywhere you have access to the web. It is compatible with most platforms (Win/Mac/Linux/most mobile phones) without requiring you to install anything.


SouthernACT believes it is important to protect your privacy and security and we offer the solution for that. Our cloud solution protects your content and is trust-worthy. We help you host your own cloud and the key features are: