At SouthernACT, we help companies improve Information Management and streamline business processes. Our approach is practical and proven. We provide enterprise business solutions for information management from paper to electronic. Tell us what your ECM needs are, and we will create a solution to fit. We can design software specifically for your organisation, or implement systems and applications from the world’s leading ECM software, thanks to our strategic partnerships.

We are experienced at implementing an entire ECM system, designing records management policies, customising workflows and document capture solutions (scanning & indexing).

Instead of having separate systems to manage different contents like documents, reports, audio files, videos, web pages and records, take the opportunity to manage all these with one ECM solution.

Efficient Enterprise Information Management helps you to address the following needs:


Find quickly what you need
Keep relevant up-to-date content at hand and quickly accessible.


Manage what you have
Take good care of your valuable content by utilizing the advanced features of our ECM solutions, like content lifecycle and version management, personalization, auditing and security control, transformation and retention services.


Reuse all you can
ECM repository is a much safer place to store valuable information than local hard disks, email folders or shared team repositories. ECM also enables reuse of organisations´ knowledge assets, thus improving the efficiency of knowledge workers.


Keep what you have to
Legislation and compliance regulations require certain information to be stored for certain periods of time until it can – and in some cases have to – be disposed of.


Dispose of what you can
With the constantly growing flood of information, one of the key tasks of ECM is archiving and the ability to efficiently dispose of useless information that otherwise would only slow down and clog up systemsand waste capacity and money.


This is what we can do for you


By making use of our experienced Enterprise Information Management portfolio, you can easily manage all your information and these are:


We help our customers leverage their investments in the following technology stacks:





We help our customers leverage their investments in the following technology stacks: