SouthernACT is dedicated to researching industry skills gap, defining and developing training courses that assist organisations, and individuals in the international development community to be as effective as possible.

SouthernACT offers and recommends face-to-face training courses, workshops, conferences and awareness programmes. This gives our clients the opportunity to meet with our experienced instructors and to develop networking relationships with other professionals and to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Our Training Programs are developed to meet best practice guidelines and are custom designed in-house to meet the ever growing current world challenges. Our training solutions include a traditional classroom environment, as well as a wide range of e-learning options and one-on-one tutoring.


We offer the following training:

  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Electronic Document & Records Management
  • Alfresco Document and Records Management System
  • SharePoint 2013 & 2016 System Training


SouthernACT in-house training provides a more personal approach to meeting your training needs. Our programmes are delivered by business experts specifically for your staff at your chosen location.