Information and Records Management is an important area of Information Management which includes the retrieving, acquiring, organising and maintaining of information as well as the distribution and communication of information to the desired audience.

The training focuses on theoretical, practical elements and the perspectives of the information managers, user-centered needs and the business.

Our workshop is designed to meet the needs of all types of organisations and levels of individual experience and forms the basis of a professional development programme building the foundation activities.



At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the business benefits of Information Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) / Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS)
  • Learn how to manage Records Management projects by working from a business strategy
  • Identify the main Information Management tools/systems and their use
  • Introduction to Electronic Records
    • What are Electronic Records?
    • The Technological Framework for Electronic Records Management
    • Legal and Organizational Environments
  • The Role of Standards and Guidelines
    • ISO / SANS Standards
    • NARS ACT
    • ECT ACT
    • MoReq
    • DoD 5015.2
  • The Importance of Metadata
  • Records and Information Governance
    • Developing Records Policies
    • Developing Procedures and Accountabilities
  • Developing a Business Case for Improved Electronic Records Management
  • Planning a Electronic Records Management Project
    • Conducting the Electronic Records Survey
    • What Does it Mean to “Manage” Electronic Records
    • Developing Classification Schemes
    • Appraising and Disposing of Electronic Records
    • Developing Access Policies in an Electronic Environment
  • Key Technical Terms and Definitions
  • Selecting and Implementing ERM Software Systems
    • In-sourced Versus Out-sourced
    • Features and Functions
    • Today’s Electronic Records Management Software Market
    • And What About That Paper?
  • Marketing the Electronic Records Management Program
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Understanding Key Concepts in Digital Preservation
    • Basic Digital Preservation Practices
    • Preserving Electronic Records in a Trusted Digital Repository
  • What’s on the Horizon and How Your Organization Can Be Prepared for Change

Who Should Attend?

  • Records Managers
  • Document Managers
  • IT & Technical Team
  • Registry clerks
  • Registry Managers
  • Content Managers
  • Records & Information Managers
  • Business Analyst
  • ECM Project Managers
  • ECM developers
  • Archivist
  • Knowledge Managers
  • Information Management Professionals
  • Chief Information Officers
  • CEO
  • IT Specialist



This three-day program is a workshop format with presentations and interactive discussions and exercises.



We recognise that talent development, management and retention are all key to an organisation’s success in a challenging and competitive marketplace.

To drive your business forward, we consult with you regarding your organisation’s needs, and our experienced trainers will create a unique training solution that meets your desired outcomes.

How it works

  • consult – a member of our team will discuss your requirements and help to build a training plan
  • tailor – once the trainer has been identified, they will work with you to clarify your learning objectives and tailor the solution to meet your requirements
  • organise – we take care of all arrangements to help your event run smoothly and efficiently, delivering maximum benefits for the participants and saving you time and effort
  • deliver – training is delivered at the location of your choosing as per the agreed plan. A post-event review will be carried out to ensure complete customer satisfaction

Advantages of our in-house training:

  • Cost effective: First and foremost, our on site workshops/training are cost effective. Instead of training 3-4 people in public training, your can train all group of 10 – 15 employees.
  • Customized: We can customise the workshop/training according to your training needs. You can produce all course outline and ask trainer to deliver it.
  • Flexible: We can hold the workshop/training any time you want, upon mutual agreement with the us. You can change venue as well according to your preferences.

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